Dhoni – Kohli Era

Every sport is known by its player.

Indian cricket for a long time has been defined by different era’s which lift the cricketing spirit of the whole nation.

  1. Sunil Gavaskar
  2. Kapil Dev
  3. Sachin Tendulkar
  4. Sourav Gangugly
  5. Mahindra Singh Dhoni
  6. Virat Kohli.

These 6 Have had a significant impact in building what we now call as INDIAN CRICKET TEAM.

They defined Era’s on their own.

  • From being recognised as the best batsman in the world (Sunil Gavaskar) to making India win world cup trophy (Kapil Dev).
  • From being the God of Cricket (Sachin Tendulkar) to bringing aggression and positivity as a captain in India (Sourav Ganguly).

The current ERA is defined by 2 of the greats: Mahindra Singh Dhoni & Virat Kolhi.

Mahindra Singh Dhoni completes 300 ODI matches.

His achivements speak more than he ever does.


Virat Kohli transformed himself from a arrogant Delhi boy to a world class batsmen with the combined skill of leadership.

Virat Kohli is now 3rd highest with 29 centuries, only behind Ricky Pointing (30) and far way from Sachin Tendulkar (49)

Indian cricket with these players are certainly favourites for

ICC World Cup 2019.

Let’s hope for the best.

Dharam Shah

01st, Sept 2017


Shiva Trilogy

Through out my childhood I have never ever read a single book (except the ones which I had to read to study.)

Shiva Trilogy by Amish, is the first ever book which made me sit hours on a stretch and made me read all 3 parts of the series.

I just love the way the book was written, it kept me guessing what the next part would be. It made me think that I am watching a movie in front of me with the characters alive in front of me.

Ideology of the great Mahadev Shiva is so beautifully depicted in the book that inclines you to think and act according to the characters.

The reason for me to start reading books will always be the shiva Trilogy and I recommend any of you reading this to at least once start reading the 1st book and rest will leave up to you.

Great work Amish sir..!!

Buy book on Amazon

Dharam Shah

28th August, 2017

Love Yourself

We stay in a big and vast universe with millions and trillions of people in it. We all are in search of love, but we first need to understand and learn to love our own self before asking others to love you.

When you love your own self, your soul has the power to heal, to go through different experiences be it up’s or down’s. This makes you strong enough to trust others and love them.

Through the up’s you need to maintain your attitude and help others while during your down’s you need to maintain your dignity and identify your mistakes and correct them.

To be able to correct yourself is the most difficult thing. You need the heart to accept your own mistake.

To love yourself means to be able to learn from yourself, talk to yourself, be a soul who is open to changes, open to adopt and improvise and once you have done that the world will be a different place. Your vision will change and it will bring a prospect to your thinking.

Be the change you want to see in others and life will be easy.


I don’t know who said that but it works, worth a try…!.!.!.!!.

18th August, 2017.

Dharam Shah

Movie review: Toilet :Ek Prem Katha

We Indian’s are used to leave in whatever ways we are, learning to adjust and learning to apply JUGGAD for all our problems. But Juggad is not the solution of all our problems.

This movie highlights some core Indian rural issues of being able to excrete behind closed doors and highlights the issues of society with a typical mindset. Women privicay being the main motive, the film highlights the issues and problems faced by going for sanitation in public areas.


Storyline and direction has been up to the mark and thers no unwanted distraction from the issue throghout the movie. Though at sometime it feels the movies is a bit slow and lagging the intent to solve the issue, but it takes off when needed.

Akshay Kumar has always been up to the mark and his stars are in right place now, he acts brilliantly in the films and takes the whole movie in his hands.

Bhumi Pednekar also manages to act being the sole of the movie.

Direction: Shree Narayan Singh

Ratings: 7/10

17th August, 2018.

Dharam Shah

Technology Can’t….

Strange but true…sometimes even technology can’t do things which are so essential but yet missing. It has thousands of way to make you connected but I cannot make the feeling come alive, it can give you the essence of presence pf someone but it cannot bring the touch come alive.

So close but so far, making a video call to a beloved person in some other state or country , you fell so close to them yet across the boundaries. Human touch can only be felt by personel presence.

We think so different, we as a human caste have a vivid thinking. Often we wait for the a moment to come true but when the moment arrives we let them pass by, a sense of satisfaction is hard to achieve.

Today we pass by a trip which had lots of fun and togeatherness but yet the absence of someone is counted.

A trip which will be much longer remembered with friends is always a hardship to let go. As it comes to end now we look by the journey where some are missed and some with you, the fun continuous, life continues.

20th July, 2014

Dharam Shah

Feelings when felt

Often you discover something so unique that you hold on that for a long time. That thought, the thinking and the feeling always stays with you.

I dedicate this short sharing of my memories to my friends, my best friends, without whom life would be so different and difficult.

Today we return from one of our beloved friends engagement ceremony. The ones whom we have seen grow in their relation from when they started. Life’s unite as they tie a bond to share their next 7 lives with each other.

For us who have witnessed their love grow from something that we thought would never be possible, it’s a feeling which brings tears of joy in our eyes.

Past 2 days we where in a remote Indian village where the ceremony was to be conducted, the hype was always more to be a part of such a ceremony.
In such town with some lovely people I feel I am blessed to have this life.

The night where the entire family come togeather and have a laugh, love, tease, play, share and care you fell too low in front of all. It makes us realize what family is.

I often think, why can’t we all stay togeather always.? Why can’t my family and families of those I love stay togeather..? Y can’t I make a place such beautiful where all come togeather and share the joy of this life.

As I leave myself with such questions. I wish my friends a very very happy and successful life and at same time wish this day, moment, feeling and love always stay with me till I take my last breath.

A part my feeling in the image, where thoughts are so wide, it can seen till your eyes can cover


Dharam Shah

23rd Dec,2013

The Next Day

Future is what we all think of everyday and every moment. Sometimes when we are spending some moments which are so important to you sudden the thought of future shakes you up.

Is it necessary always to think of future and act?. We all think of doing what we like, what we as an individual think. But is it possible to do the same everytime.? Is it.?
The other side of the coin always taunts somewhere deep inside your mind and heart.

What could be the best advice for acting as on what you think.? The answers still stands unknown to me.

It’s always best to let go things and wait for it to happen naturally. Finally there would be something or other made for you, it might eventually come to you.

But Not yet, Not yet.

Dharam Shah
16th, Sept,2013


Everything begins with a thought. A well executed decision often starts with a well thought process.

Business is what I mean from this post. Thinking something and actually implementing the same is not the same. There always a thick line between the both.

The outer look and inner look of any given situation may have a big difference, the outcome for such things will always be something not expected.

Get the things right, fall in place, order, functionalities and every other so said processes sometimes are not the actual reason. To know the actual reason they must start with a well though process. A process where basic and core are well thought of.
Till then, fall in line or fall by the line a approch which turns may positive roles in negative.

Dharam Shah
14th Spet, 2013

Years been away

Good Morning to all those who in this beautiful world of blogging. It’s been a year since I have not wrote anything.

I never have wrote for people to read and think about me, it had always been about me and I sharing my world on Internet.

Life tends to take sudden turns and curves which are expectedly unexpected. Something’s change over a period of time and life is certainly that.

Through a period of year many things have changed, a normal college going guy has now been dedicated to work and job which he spends his entire day on.

Time is most unpredicted tool that when thought of
Will be understood.

Well, enough of philosophy done.. 🙂


As the image rightly says, patience is what defines the character.

Good Day ahead.

Dharam Shah

13th Sept, 2013

Delayed Delay..

It’s been days since I wrote a blog. When you tend to get busy in other stuff, it’s kindo obvious you don’t get time for something that you think you will do.
A new job, a new beginning, and a journey where evrything is different. Worlds move around you, evrything changes. College life comes to end, and a new life starts where there is a lot to learn.
New people, new friends…a new life on the go.
This is how it goes, isint it..? You run for your daily supper and fun is left somewhere back on roads.
When you fun on work that’s what you will love to do.
“the only way to do great job is to love what you do”
Steve Jobs
True by thought.
Dharam Shah
19th November, 2012