Age of Decepticons

Today the progress of mankind is measured by advances in the field of technology. It’s funny how more and more we rely ourselves on technology rather than anything else.

Nothing is true until google says otherwise. We refuse to believe in words and rather depend on a mechanism which is invented for the sole purpose to deceive.

New generations are increasingly inclined towards latest gizmos and tech gadgets to a large extent.

My 8 year old nephew competes with his friends based on Daily step counter on their smart watch. We never could have even thought of this. Our childhood was completely different and further generations will be totally different and amazing in a way…..

As long as it helps let’s go with the flow..!.!!


Live to eat

This is just for food lovers.

We are serious food lovers. I and my wife start to plan a new place or a city attraction as soon as Thursday arrives.

The source of our exploring of hotels and new restaurants is obviously Zomato.

Few months back we came across Zomato Gold services. We subscribed to its services and from then it’s no looking back.

They have partnered with super restaurants , clubs & pubs across the city where they offer 1 + 1 on food and 2 + 2 on drinks. You get 1 dish free where as 2 drinks free when you visit a partnered restaurant (either one of both).

We are loving it, it cuts down the cost on a large extent. We have used it couple of times but have already covered up the cost for membership in terms of free food.

Membership costs : 1899/ year.

If you happen to have American Express credit card the membership costs : 1550/year.

We visited:

1. Glocal Junction ( 🥘 )

2. Fusion Kitchen ( 🍺 )

3. Juno Pizza ( 🍕 )

4. Chocolate cafe ( 🍫 )

5 Coffee by De Bella ( ☕️ )

There are plenty more the be visited in coming days.. I am happy and burping.

Dharam Shah

04th April , 2018.