9 days for Godess

It rhymes “9 days for Godess” lol…..

As days passes by, India now stand on the festive of the great godess Durga, which is a symbol of strength.

Navratri which is spread over 9 nights to celebrate. It’s a unique season where people dance and play garba.

Garba a unique play which is mostly played by Gujrati’s.

A combination of colorfull dresses, with lot of enthusiasm, people play in full swing.

Dandiya, known as the weapon to play, are two long sticks which are clashed in a way which creates sound.

With this festival ranging for 9 days, marks the beginning of a complete season of festivals followed with Diwali.

India is country where people get themselves reasons to unite. This season attracts a large crowd and provides a reason to enjoy and dance.


Have a happy navratri.

Dharam Shah
16th Oct, 2012


In the name of GOD

What better than to start with a little name of god. Ganpati the symbol love, devotion, enthusiasm and affection.


In India this season is seen as the most patriotic season among others, devotees are seen dancing in joy of bringing their god to their homes and are also seen in tears when their loved god leaves after a spell of 10 days. These 10 days there is a enchanting and a environment where there’s fun.

lights, decorations, celebrations, songs and many more things to follow.
A definite reason to spend all 10 days with joy.

Dharam Shah
23rd Sept, 2012