Love Yourself

We stay in a big and vast universe with millions and trillions of people in it. We all are in search of love, but we first need to understand and learn to love our own self before asking others to love you.

When you love your own self, your soul has the power to heal, to go through different experiences be it up’s or down’s. This makes you strong enough to trust others and love them.

Through the up’s you need to maintain your attitude and help others while during your down’s you need to maintain your dignity and identify your mistakes and correct them.

To be able to correct yourself is the most difficult thing. You need the heart to accept your own mistake.

To love yourself means to be able to learn from yourself, talk to yourself, be a soul who is open to changes, open to adopt and improvise and once you have done that the world will be a different place. Your vision will change and it will bring a prospect to your thinking.

Be the change you want to see in others and life will be easy.


I don’t know who said that but it works, worth a try…!.!.!.!!.

18th August, 2017.

Dharam Shah


Feelings when felt

Often you discover something so unique that you hold on that for a long time. That thought, the thinking and the feeling always stays with you.

I dedicate this short sharing of my memories to my friends, my best friends, without whom life would be so different and difficult.

Today we return from one of our beloved friends engagement ceremony. The ones whom we have seen grow in their relation from when they started. Life’s unite as they tie a bond to share their next 7 lives with each other.

For us who have witnessed their love grow from something that we thought would never be possible, it’s a feeling which brings tears of joy in our eyes.

Past 2 days we where in a remote Indian village where the ceremony was to be conducted, the hype was always more to be a part of such a ceremony.
In such town with some lovely people I feel I am blessed to have this life.

The night where the entire family come togeather and have a laugh, love, tease, play, share and care you fell too low in front of all. It makes us realize what family is.

I often think, why can’t we all stay togeather always.? Why can’t my family and families of those I love stay togeather..? Y can’t I make a place such beautiful where all come togeather and share the joy of this life.

As I leave myself with such questions. I wish my friends a very very happy and successful life and at same time wish this day, moment, feeling and love always stay with me till I take my last breath.

A part my feeling in the image, where thoughts are so wide, it can seen till your eyes can cover


Dharam Shah

23rd Dec,2013

Endless Life

This life is so worth to live. We come across so many beautiful things everyday, it sometimes make our heart melt and sometimes feels so tough. In this beautiful world everyone has a piece of cake, I believe.

This piece of cake is handed over to everyone, it has different tastes with it. For some it is bitter, for some sweet. We see things from a different angle evrery day. We see happiness and sorrows clubbed together and make a combination of fate.

For me, I came across to a beautiful blog today where a lady had seen his ex-husband die, it was heart touching. find the link at the bottom

Sometimes it makes you wonder, how is life of people staying away, in some other country or far away for that matter. You always tend to think that your life is a misery, but when to tend to look at some of experiences people around the world has shared, you seem so low on the scale.

For me, when knowing the pain and sorrows other go through, it gives me strength. It makes me feel that if that person can live his life even after going to such a sorrow, why can’t I ??

It’s a eye that requires a vision to create a world where you can see and feel things. For me,people who go through a lot of pain and sorrow are my true inspiration and my idol.

I salute them, for making me strong and pray god to them strong.

I salute the lady for giving me such a nice experience and a feeling to carry with me.

Link to the Blog

Dharam Shah
16th Oct, 2012

Anger in despair

Anger and rage is what drives you a long way. When things are not the way they are supposed to be, it makes you fell worse.

When you think of something, you tend to make a world of that things around you, dreams being built and many more speculations are on that thing. It is very difficult if that changes. If it does, you then have to Adopt. Adopting to any situation is very difficult. It makes you think things which are far in future and make your present a worry.

What to do then, it’s a question which makes insomniac, which gives a strong urge to provoke everything with Anger. This makes it more bad, anger is such that can bring the the most powerful man down to earth in a split second.

Things come and go, they are to be decided by you whether you select or let them go, and your consensus builds them. It’s a long fight of you with yourself.

A great man said “Opportunities are like ice, they melt if you think too much about them”

Bow to the men and let it come your way.

Dharam Shah
12th, Oct 2012

Believe in Belief

We strongly need some one to be with us all the time. A support is all we need in time of difficulties and when problems seeks solutions.

What happens when sometimes you get alone and all you wonder is about the person who was right next to you and has suddenly disappeared. What happens next…?

Believe in Belief. To believe is the only option left with you. Always when there rises a problem there comes with a set of solutions to be with it. You just have to notice and make the correct choice.

Never let the belief go. It has a lot of faith and a lot of courage tied to it.

Atlast everything will get back to the stage where it all belong to and will make you realise the times when you never lost faith.

Once said by a famous man, truth by every brick.


Dharam Shah
24th Sept, 2012