Technology Can’t….

Strange but true…sometimes even technology can’t do things which are so essential but yet missing. It has thousands of way to make you connected but I cannot make the feeling come alive, it can give you the essence of presence pf someone but it cannot bring the touch come alive.

So close but so far, making a video call to a beloved person in some other state or country , you fell so close to them yet across the boundaries. Human touch can only be felt by personel presence.

We think so different, we as a human caste have a vivid thinking. Often we wait for the a moment to come true but when the moment arrives we let them pass by, a sense of satisfaction is hard to achieve.

Today we pass by a trip which had lots of fun and togeatherness but yet the absence of someone is counted.

A trip which will be much longer remembered with friends is always a hardship to let go. As it comes to end now we look by the journey where some are missed and some with you, the fun continuous, life continues.

20th July, 2014

Dharam Shah