Feelings when felt

Often you discover something so unique that you hold on that for a long time. That thought, the thinking and the feeling always stays with you.

I dedicate this short sharing of my memories to my friends, my best friends, without whom life would be so different and difficult.

Today we return from one of our beloved friends engagement ceremony. The ones whom we have seen grow in their relation from when they started. Life’s unite as they tie a bond to share their next 7 lives with each other.

For us who have witnessed their love grow from something that we thought would never be possible, it’s a feeling which brings tears of joy in our eyes.

Past 2 days we where in a remote Indian village where the ceremony was to be conducted, the hype was always more to be a part of such a ceremony.
In such town with some lovely people I feel I am blessed to have this life.

The night where the entire family come togeather and have a laugh, love, tease, play, share and care you fell too low in front of all. It makes us realize what family is.

I often think, why can’t we all stay togeather always.? Why can’t my family and families of those I love stay togeather..? Y can’t I make a place such beautiful where all come togeather and share the joy of this life.

As I leave myself with such questions. I wish my friends a very very happy and successful life and at same time wish this day, moment, feeling and love always stay with me till I take my last breath.

A part my feeling in the image, where thoughts are so wide, it can seen till your eyes can cover


Dharam Shah

23rd Dec,2013