The Next Day

Future is what we all think of everyday and every moment. Sometimes when we are spending some moments which are so important to you sudden the thought of future shakes you up.

Is it necessary always to think of future and act?. We all think of doing what we like, what we as an individual think. But is it possible to do the same everytime.? Is it.?
The other side of the coin always taunts somewhere deep inside your mind and heart.

What could be the best advice for acting as on what you think.? The answers still stands unknown to me.

It’s always best to let go things and wait for it to happen naturally. Finally there would be something or other made for you, it might eventually come to you.

But Not yet, Not yet.

Dharam Shah
16th, Sept,2013



Everything begins with a thought. A well executed decision often starts with a well thought process.

Business is what I mean from this post. Thinking something and actually implementing the same is not the same. There always a thick line between the both.

The outer look and inner look of any given situation may have a big difference, the outcome for such things will always be something not expected.

Get the things right, fall in place, order, functionalities and every other so said processes sometimes are not the actual reason. To know the actual reason they must start with a well though process. A process where basic and core are well thought of.
Till then, fall in line or fall by the line a approch which turns may positive roles in negative.

Dharam Shah
14th Spet, 2013

Years been away

Good Morning to all those who in this beautiful world of blogging. It’s been a year since I have not wrote anything.

I never have wrote for people to read and think about me, it had always been about me and I sharing my world on Internet.

Life tends to take sudden turns and curves which are expectedly unexpected. Something’s change over a period of time and life is certainly that.

Through a period of year many things have changed, a normal college going guy has now been dedicated to work and job which he spends his entire day on.

Time is most unpredicted tool that when thought of
Will be understood.

Well, enough of philosophy done.. 🙂


As the image rightly says, patience is what defines the character.

Good Day ahead.

Dharam Shah

13th Sept, 2013