Known, Unkown

The best thing in daily life is when you come across many Unkown faces around you.

India is such a country where there are a pile of people around you.

Where I stay in Mumbai, it is so mch to connect with people daily, when I travel by bus or train or any transport, there are a lot many people with you.

There’s a special connection with them, you just don’t know them, but they are your companion for some time. This bond is so special, if you see it that way, it’s too much to connect, even more than any social networking website.

It’s the best and you bet! When some people start talking with you, it’s just a thing that you can’t ignore, you know that you proably will never meet that person ever again after the ride, but that bond is so simple and less complicated.

In this world where relations just no more matter to any person, I some time think, these relations are mch better than other.

It’s stays a small time and then you even need not to say, goodbye.!

These faces are often forgotten, but a small time bond is what makes you seek such person everytime you travel.

Dharam Shah
19th Oct, 2012