Endless Life

This life is so worth to live. We come across so many beautiful things everyday, it sometimes make our heart melt and sometimes feels so tough. In this beautiful world everyone has a piece of cake, I believe.

This piece of cake is handed over to everyone, it has different tastes with it. For some it is bitter, for some sweet. We see things from a different angle evrery day. We see happiness and sorrows clubbed together and make a combination of fate.

For me, I came across to a beautiful blog today where a lady had seen his ex-husband die, it was heart touching. find the link at the bottom

Sometimes it makes you wonder, how is life of people staying away, in some other country or far away for that matter. You always tend to think that your life is a misery, but when to tend to look at some of experiences people around the world has shared, you seem so low on the scale.

For me, when knowing the pain and sorrows other go through, it gives me strength. It makes me feel that if that person can live his life even after going to such a sorrow, why can’t I ??

It’s a eye that requires a vision to create a world where you can see and feel things. For me,people who go through a lot of pain and sorrow are my true inspiration and my idol.

I salute them, for making me strong and pray god to them strong.

I salute the lady for giving me such a nice experience and a feeling to carry with me.

Link to the Blog

Dharam Shah
16th Oct, 2012


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