Anger in despair

Anger and rage is what drives you a long way. When things are not the way they are supposed to be, it makes you fell worse.

When you think of something, you tend to make a world of that things around you, dreams being built and many more speculations are on that thing. It is very difficult if that changes. If it does, you then have to Adopt. Adopting to any situation is very difficult. It makes you think things which are far in future and make your present a worry.

What to do then, it’s a question which makes insomniac, which gives a strong urge to provoke everything with Anger. This makes it more bad, anger is such that can bring the the most powerful man down to earth in a split second.

Things come and go, they are to be decided by you whether you select or let them go, and your consensus builds them. It’s a long fight of you with yourself.

A great man said “Opportunities are like ice, they melt if you think too much about them”

Bow to the men and let it come your way.

Dharam Shah
12th, Oct 2012


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