India and Work

India is a big country with big popullation. It’s growing,prospering and finding its way to the top.

I always believe , any country is recognized by the people residing over there, in India it’s the same.

A popullation of 121 million is to large to be provided with do called amenities.

I won’t focus on that part though, today we are talking about the employed professionals in India.

India is preoccupied with thousands of corporate, and ten thousands of employee. The corporate cultre in India is something where a reaserch should be done.

It is like people are always given instruction to keep quite and be aware f the politics.

Such attitude makes you conservative. And that is not good
You think twice before helping, before saying something and evrytime some one asks for help, you are unsure of whether to help them out, or say what most people say I don’t know.

Why work with such attitude? When you know of something why not share, let others get the knowledge of what you know. Offcourse don’t exaggerate yourself, but be modest.

Modesty comes with a price here, belive it or not, many people do not share the same ideology.

We hope it gets better with time.

Dharam Shah
11th, Oct 2012


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