It is real hard sometime to keep some patience with you. It’s goes away in a real fast way and then you strive to search it around.

Personnel experience can tell you that…it is really hard to maintain the decorum when something’s irritates your patience, how hard you try not to react, sometimes it comes out a positive way and sometimes a huge negative.

It makes you wonder who the culprit is, whether it the other person who lead you Into this situation or YOU yourself

When it comes to me, I tend keep patience as long as I can and tend to react the normal way or say prefer to react the normal way. But others do not apply the same method.they tend to loose it and then the blame is on and that makes you more angry and chances of you loosing your patience becomes high.

It’s all a funny game with emotions and distress attached to it .

Be carefully before playing it .

Dharam Shah
5th Oct, 2012


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