Known, Unkown

The best thing in daily life is when you come across many Unkown faces around you.

India is such a country where there are a pile of people around you.

Where I stay in Mumbai, it is so mch to connect with people daily, when I travel by bus or train or any transport, there are a lot many people with you.

There’s a special connection with them, you just don’t know them, but they are your companion for some time. This bond is so special, if you see it that way, it’s too much to connect, even more than any social networking website.

It’s the best and you bet! When some people start talking with you, it’s just a thing that you can’t ignore, you know that you proably will never meet that person ever again after the ride, but that bond is so simple and less complicated.

In this world where relations just no more matter to any person, I some time think, these relations are mch better than other.

It’s stays a small time and then you even need not to say, goodbye.!

These faces are often forgotten, but a small time bond is what makes you seek such person everytime you travel.

Dharam Shah
19th Oct, 2012


9 days for Godess

It rhymes “9 days for Godess” lol…..

As days passes by, India now stand on the festive of the great godess Durga, which is a symbol of strength.

Navratri which is spread over 9 nights to celebrate. It’s a unique season where people dance and play garba.

Garba a unique play which is mostly played by Gujrati’s.

A combination of colorfull dresses, with lot of enthusiasm, people play in full swing.

Dandiya, known as the weapon to play, are two long sticks which are clashed in a way which creates sound.

With this festival ranging for 9 days, marks the beginning of a complete season of festivals followed with Diwali.

India is country where people get themselves reasons to unite. This season attracts a large crowd and provides a reason to enjoy and dance.


Have a happy navratri.

Dharam Shah
16th Oct, 2012

Endless Life

This life is so worth to live. We come across so many beautiful things everyday, it sometimes make our heart melt and sometimes feels so tough. In this beautiful world everyone has a piece of cake, I believe.

This piece of cake is handed over to everyone, it has different tastes with it. For some it is bitter, for some sweet. We see things from a different angle evrery day. We see happiness and sorrows clubbed together and make a combination of fate.

For me, I came across to a beautiful blog today where a lady had seen his ex-husband die, it was heart touching. find the link at the bottom

Sometimes it makes you wonder, how is life of people staying away, in some other country or far away for that matter. You always tend to think that your life is a misery, but when to tend to look at some of experiences people around the world has shared, you seem so low on the scale.

For me, when knowing the pain and sorrows other go through, it gives me strength. It makes me feel that if that person can live his life even after going to such a sorrow, why can’t I ??

It’s a eye that requires a vision to create a world where you can see and feel things. For me,people who go through a lot of pain and sorrow are my true inspiration and my idol.

I salute them, for making me strong and pray god to them strong.

I salute the lady for giving me such a nice experience and a feeling to carry with me.

Link to the Blog

Dharam Shah
16th Oct, 2012

Anger in despair

Anger and rage is what drives you a long way. When things are not the way they are supposed to be, it makes you fell worse.

When you think of something, you tend to make a world of that things around you, dreams being built and many more speculations are on that thing. It is very difficult if that changes. If it does, you then have to Adopt. Adopting to any situation is very difficult. It makes you think things which are far in future and make your present a worry.

What to do then, it’s a question which makes insomniac, which gives a strong urge to provoke everything with Anger. This makes it more bad, anger is such that can bring the the most powerful man down to earth in a split second.

Things come and go, they are to be decided by you whether you select or let them go, and your consensus builds them. It’s a long fight of you with yourself.

A great man said “Opportunities are like ice, they melt if you think too much about them”

Bow to the men and let it come your way.

Dharam Shah
12th, Oct 2012

India and Work

India is a big country with big popullation. It’s growing,prospering and finding its way to the top.

I always believe , any country is recognized by the people residing over there, in India it’s the same.

A popullation of 121 million is to large to be provided with do called amenities.

I won’t focus on that part though, today we are talking about the employed professionals in India.

India is preoccupied with thousands of corporate, and ten thousands of employee. The corporate cultre in India is something where a reaserch should be done.

It is like people are always given instruction to keep quite and be aware f the politics.

Such attitude makes you conservative. And that is not good
You think twice before helping, before saying something and evrytime some one asks for help, you are unsure of whether to help them out, or say what most people say I don’t know.

Why work with such attitude? When you know of something why not share, let others get the knowledge of what you know. Offcourse don’t exaggerate yourself, but be modest.

Modesty comes with a price here, belive it or not, many people do not share the same ideology.

We hope it gets better with time.

Dharam Shah
11th, Oct 2012


It is real hard sometime to keep some patience with you. It’s goes away in a real fast way and then you strive to search it around.

Personnel experience can tell you that…it is really hard to maintain the decorum when something’s irritates your patience, how hard you try not to react, sometimes it comes out a positive way and sometimes a huge negative.

It makes you wonder who the culprit is, whether it the other person who lead you Into this situation or YOU yourself

When it comes to me, I tend keep patience as long as I can and tend to react the normal way or say prefer to react the normal way. But others do not apply the same method.they tend to loose it and then the blame is on and that makes you more angry and chances of you loosing your patience becomes high.

It’s all a funny game with emotions and distress attached to it .

Be carefully before playing it .

Dharam Shah
5th Oct, 2012