Age of Decepticons

Today the progress of mankind is measured by advances in the field of technology. It’s funny how more and more we rely ourselves on technology rather than anything else.

Nothing is true until google says otherwise. We refuse to believe in words and rather depend on a mechanism which is invented for the sole purpose to deceive.

New generations are increasingly inclined towards latest gizmos and tech gadgets to a large extent.

My 8 year old nephew competes with his friends based on Daily step counter on their smart watch. We never could have even thought of this. Our childhood was completely different and further generations will be totally different and amazing in a way…..

As long as it helps let’s go with the flow..!.!!


Live to eat

This is just for food lovers.

We are serious food lovers. I and my wife start to plan a new place or a city attraction as soon as Thursday arrives.

The source of our exploring of hotels and new restaurants is obviously Zomato.

Few months back we came across Zomato Gold services. We subscribed to its services and from then it’s no looking back.

They have partnered with super restaurants , clubs & pubs across the city where they offer 1 + 1 on food and 2 + 2 on drinks. You get 1 dish free where as 2 drinks free when you visit a partnered restaurant (either one of both).

We are loving it, it cuts down the cost on a large extent. We have used it couple of times but have already covered up the cost for membership in terms of free food.

Membership costs : 1899/ year.

If you happen to have American Express credit card the membership costs : 1550/year.

We visited:

1. Glocal Junction ( 🥘 )

2. Fusion Kitchen ( 🍺 )

3. Juno Pizza ( 🍕 )

4. Chocolate cafe ( 🍫 )

5 Coffee by De Bella ( ☕️ )

There are plenty more the be visited in coming days.. I am happy and burping.

Dharam Shah

04th April , 2018.


Power of your thoughts are way beyond your imagination.

The way you think defines your character, your journey in this life and also defines the well being of people surrounding you. I believe the secret to have a good frame of mind is knowing that other are satisfied with what you are doing.

One has to be careful with what “others” mean. You cannot keep each and everyone happy, it doesn’t go that way, if you try to keep each everyone happy you will struggle to stay happy yourself.

The key is to have a priority list. Include only those people in this list whom you really care about and you want them to stay in your life. Once you decide the people on this list, only thrive to be able to make them satisfied with your doings. This can make life much less complicated by knowing on whom to focus rather than trying to please everyone.

The process of thinking is constant. The way you construct your thoughts defines the outcome. How would that out come affect or effect the people in your list is the GAME…!!


Dharam Shah

25th Feb,2018.

Thailand 🇹🇭

This trip was special for us. It was planned well in advance and it was 1st international trip of our group.

The purpose of this blog is to provide some insight to those who are planning to visit Thailand (Bangkok & Pattaya) soon.


1. Food

The first thing you would like to consider is are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. Food generally defines your trip, and take it from me, if you are a vegetarian then avoid going to Thailand. The country is all about street side food which stinks to hell with all those typical non vegetarian food. So, consider this factor before planning ahead with the trip.

2. Cost ₹:

Conversion rate is almost 2.10₹/ bath.

There are some crazy street markets which you can roam day in and day out which offers good quality of clothes, leather products which are cheap when compared to Indian market.

So yes it can be shoppers paradise if you are interested in roadside shopping rather than branded stores.

3. Attitude

unexpectedly, the people have a very intolerant behaviour specially towards Indians. This may be for the reason that Indians have attacked this place, it would be hard for you to not find a Indian on street or restaurant or any other place. They are rude and above all they refuse to bargain, cmon that’s the main reason Indians visit to any other place – to bargain, but they refuse to a large extent.

4. Traffic

Mumbai traffic = Bangkok traffic.

You can imagine the condition when I compare the traffic from Mumbai. If you want to reach a place on a specific time then I suggest you to please start well in advance. Prefer bike taxis rather than any other source as it would be the fastest mode to make you reach your destination (check the video)

5. Unsaid

What’s the main reason to visit Thailand.? Not shopping, definitely not food it’s all about something else, well we were on a family vacation with our wife’s with us, so I would left that part unsaid…….

There are some places which we covered which are must and some which should be missed. Attaching all that, hope it helps you out.

Places to visit:

1. Indra market and surrounding area: largest street shopping area

2. Siam Paragon: biggest branded shopping mall.

3. Safari park and marine park: zoo and dolphin show

4. Dinner cruise

5. Walking street and water sports (Pattaya)

Places to miss:

1. Nong Nooch village(Pattaya).

2. Alcazar show (Pattaya)

3. Any other restaurant than Indian.

Also, please read the following book as a guide which can help you during the trip.

Dharam Shah

20th Feb, 2018

Power of Music 🎼

Music has the power to heal.

Music gives me the strength to deal with anything. It gives me some kind of energy from within to go ahead, to make my day the way I have thought of. It has some positivity which makes me feel happy.

Music has a soul in itself. It makes me communicate with myself. After any amount of failure or success it makes me realise nothing in permanent and once you know that you tend to accept and embrace the situation.

Start your day with the right music and see the change. It makes you look at the world in a complete different manner.

Blogged while listening to:

Up & Up (Coldplay)

Movie Review: Newton

India’s official entry to Oscar is Newton.

That makes you thing to watch the film..? Yes, right ?

The answer  is NO.


Announcing it as an official entrant to Oscar may well be a nice marketing strategy to attract the audience. A movie which should have a empty theatre was houseful.

The movie has revolves around a single plot relating to elections in rural  / adivasi areas.

Rajkumar Rao acts brilliantly and succeeds to IRRITATE you on a large extent.

Newton (aka Nutan Kumar aka RajKumar) is a honest government employee. He oversees the election process in a remote Indian village with the problem Naxalites in the area.

The movie fails to maintain any relation with the problem actually faced in such situation. It rather portrays image of an officer on election duty rather than highlighting the issue behind the voting in such areas.

The movie doesn’t make you hold your seat for very long.

Rating: 2/5.

⭐️ Cast:


Dharam Shah

1st Oct, 2017.

Book Review: Tuesday’s with Morrie

Tuesday’s with Morrie is a special book for me, as it relates to my personnel life as well.

The book is about a ill proffessor (Morrie) who knows he’s critical and can see his stairway to heaven approach near as each day pass by.  Author (Mitch Albom) was once  a student of Morrie. He in the glitters and struggles of life had never met Morrie again after graduating from college until he suddenly saw him on TV one day, describing about his illness and showing people his spirt.

Tuesday's with MorrieI

Mitch decides to meet Morrie every Tuesday’s until that day when he is no more. The book describes each Tuesday Mitch spends with Morrie, learning about way of life from a dying man, seeing his condition fall down week by week, month by month until one fine day Morrie passes away.

The reason why I can relate this book with my personnel life is cause of my grandfather. I have seen him pass through same ordeal, have seen stages of his life travelling towards the end during his illness.

The book completely changed my vision, it made a better observer knowing whats to come at the end of the story. Somewhere down inside I knew what is the end, but the book gave me the patience and also a sense of awareness to react to my grandfather’s falling health.


I aslo contacted Mr. Mitch on twitter and thanked him for the wonderful experience his writing provided to me. He obliged and offered his condolences to my grieving.

Buy book on Amazon

19th Spet, 2017

Dharam Shah



Movie Review: Daddy

The movie moves around 1990’s with a thrilling investigation plot and classic rivalry of a gangsters and policemen. Arjun Rampal tries to make an impact with his cold hearted approach but in vain.

Arun Gawli, once a nothing, a son of a jobless mill worker, makes his way from being a gangster to politician. Daddy portraits the larger than life of Arun Gawli and his gangstardom.

The film is suitable for those who have a fair idea about what Mumbai was back in late 1980’s and beginning of 1990’s.

Arjun Rampal tried his level best but is not 100% when it comes to making his audience believe that he himself is the famous gangster turned politician.

The film also has many confusing time travels, from way back in 1989 to 2012.

With many other famous personalities named in the movie, one can only correlate if they have a fair idea of what happened during the Gawli case.

The movie is self depicting crime investigation movie which will not resist much in box office.

Rating: 3/5.

⭐️ Cast:

Arjun Rampal

Aishwarya Rajesh

Nishant Kamat

Dharam Shah

9th Sept, 2017

Movie review: BAD-shaoo

We had different choices of new releases but we went for Baadshao.

Milan Lutharia came up with another typical Once Upon A Time movie but this time it fails to make an impact.

Movie also terribly fails to impress any audience inspite of its star cast.

It lacks story line, and the director itself looses the plot in the end not knowing where to end the story.

Ajay Devgn tries to lift the movie with his presence but in vain, in fact his typical acting lacks any charm and brings boredom.

⭐️ Cast:

Ajay Devgn 

Emraan Hashmi

Ilena D’Cruz

Sanjay Mishra

Vidyut Jamwal

Esha Gupta

Rating: 5/10